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GM 10 Bolt 8.2 Rear Differential

Used in Cheverolet car applications from 1964-1972
Used in Buick,Olds,and Pontiac applications from 1964-1971
Note:Cheverolet has 25 pinion splines and BOP have 27 pinion splines
See differential ID for proper identifaction

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diff breakdown

28 Installation Kit

axle shaft axle c-clip wheel stud axle seal axle bearing pinion nut pinion yoke washer pinion yoke yoke flinger pinion seal outter pinion bearing/race vent fill plug crush sleeve inner pinion bearing /race pinion shim pinion ring gear carrier side shim lock screw cross shaft cover gasket diff cover cover bolt ring gear bolt carrier side shim carrier side bearing diff carrier carrier side bearing inner diff kit

  1. Axleshaft axleshaft.jpg

    Most of the 8.2 axles need to be custom made, call us for instructions on getting the right axle for your application. What about the axle bearing and seal?

    Cheverolet has c-clip style where BOP will have a bolt in style

  2. C-Clip

    In most cases if you need one you either lost it or you had a bad axle failure NOTE: c-clips are only used in Chevrolet applications

  3. Wheel Stud

    Sometimes we can help, length and thread is needed we can't always go by application

  4. Axle Seal

    If your seal is leaking don't forget to check your axle for damage.

    Application is needed their are a few choices and an axle code will help off the paper tag on axle tube

  5. Axle bearing and seal  

    NOTE:Axle bearings and seals are not included in installation kit

  6. Axle Bearing

    If you have bad axle bearing also check your axle it could be bad also. Remember to get the axle seal you will have to remove it to replace the bearing.

  7. Pinion Nut

    A new nut is always a good choice to maintain proper torque and the also comes in the instalation kit.

  8. Yoke Washer

    The washer is very important when trying to achieve and maintain nut torque.

  9. Pinion Yoke Yokes on you

    Often the pinion yoke my have to be replaced for various reasons and proper identification is necessary by application or by dimensional measurements. A new seal and crush sleeve is always recomended when changing the yoke.

  10. Yoke Flinger

    Somtimes we can you help on these please call for availability.

  11. Pinion Seal Pinion Yoke nut and seal

    Got to keep the oil in, this seal is also included in the
    instalation kit a new crush sleeve and nut is also recomended.

  12. Outter Pinion Bearing/Race

    This bearing is included in the
    installation kit

  13. Vent

    If you need one let us know if it is press in or threaded. Make sure your vent is not plugged if the differential can not breathe the oil will be fourced out through the seals.If oil is comming out of the vent chances the vehicle is upside down or the unit has been overfilled.

  14. Fill Plug

    Did you strip out the plug? You can't get oil in if you can't get it out or did you loose it? Got to have one in or oil will come out! Let us know if you need one.

  15. Crush Sleeve

    This is also included in the
    installation kit and a very important part when installing a ring and pinion to maintain proper pinion bearing pre-load. It is also good to install a new one when ever you remove the pinion nut.

  16. Inner Pinion Bearing/Race

    This bearing and race is included in the
    installation kit

  17. Pinion Shim

    pinion depth shims are required when installing a new ring and pinion to achieve the proper tooth contact pattern.

  18. Ring And Pinion Sets

     ringpinion.jpg Click
    here for available ratios
    Note:Cheverolet has 25 pinion splines and BOP have 27 pinion splines Need to know how to figure gear ratio click here

  19. Lock Screw

    It is common for these lock screws to break when removing the cross shaft to to remove the axles.

  20. Carrier Shims

    Shims are required when installing a ring and pinion to set correct backlash.The shims we carry a called Super Shims click
    here to find out why thay are so super.

  21. Carrier Side Bearing

    These bearings and races are included in the bearing installation
    installation kit

  22. Differential Carrier

    opencasebare.jpg Open Bare case

    Call we may have some used cases around and let us know the ratio you are using

    auburn.jpg auburnimg.jpg  
    Limited Slip We have had very good luck with these units.

  23. Ring Gear Bolt

    Always good to install news ones when changing ring an pinion sets

    Sold in sets of 10

  24. Cross Shaft

    If you see the shaft scored be shure to check the inner dif pinion gears the shaft goes through thay could be worn or damaged. Also check the case bore it also could be damaged, how about the lock screw?

  25. Cover Gasket

    Nothing better than a gasket to seal the cover. This is also included in the
    installation kit

  26. Differiental Cover

    Some times the cover can get damaged or even rust out. We even have shiny chrome for you.

  27. Cover Bolt

    Most of these are a standard bolt and can be found at most auto part and hardware stores. Be sure to use a washer on the bolt if the replacement bolt does not incorperate one.

  28. Inner Differential Kit

    When these gears get damaged it often goes through everything be sure to check all of the rest of the parts for damage and get out all of the old chunks.

    Includes side gears,spider gears,washers,cross shaft and lock screw

  29. Installation Kit


    What better than a kit to aid in your ring and pinion install or simple rebuild .......

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